The Pursuit for Perfection

The manifesto that leads us all! strives to provide perfection, to feed the hungry with passion.

Excellence, evolution, quality are all things Stanced:Co strives to provide for all its customers, and to represent the many cultures of every single individual.

Stanced:Co attempts to find the potential of anything, in something that not many others can see, and recognise that potential, and to build upon it. Everything has potential to become something great, just as long as you attempt to put in all that hard work and effort to make it into something great.

All individuals of the Stanced:Co Company are all car enthusiasts, and strive to make their passion perfect, for their cars to be a representation of themselves, and to be unique amongst all others.

Not one person, not one car, not one personality is the same, and we recognise that here at Stanced:Co. We understand that everyone is different. We also attempt to make apparel that will suit each and every individual, and as we grow, we understand each of you, and what is wanted, by all of you.

You will help us grow.

You will help to change us.

You will help to perfect us.

And we will create a scene, a community, an environment that everyone will enjoy. Living in fear feeds you need for perfection, feeds your need to want to do something. Feeds your passion.

Follow that passion.

Walk all over that fear, for you will rein superior always.


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